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Caring for Those We Love


In every community across the State of Florida, family members are becoming caregivers for their loved ones.  Family caregivers provide care in the home to a person of any age who has a special need, disability, or chronic illness.  Respite gives caregivers the break they need to refresh them physically, mentally, and emotionally, so that they can continue to provide great care.  The Florida Lifespan Respite Alliance works to make respite resources more available and accessible to caregivers of all ages in Florida. 


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Learn more about respite care by viewing our informative video. Once you have watched the brief video, please follow this link to complete our:



This will help us improve the message about respite and inform as many Floridians as possible.  

November is National Family Caregivers Month

National Family Caregivers Month is a time to recognize and honor family caregivers across the country. It offers an opportunity to raise awareness of caregiving issues, educate communities, and increase support for caregivers.

Who are Caregivers?


There are only four kinds of people in the world.

Those who have been caregivers,
Those who currently are caregivers,
Those who will be caregivers,
And those who will need caregivers.

– Rosalynn Carter

What is Respite?


Respite care generally refers to care provided to offer a break to a primary caregiver.  Respite might be provided full-time for a period such as a week or two, for example while a caregiver travels, or might be provided on an intermittent basis such as every afternoon or once a week so the caregiver can run errands, rest or attend an activity.  Respite may also be provided during an emergency.

Caregiver Spotlight


There are approximately 40 million adult family caregivers in the U.S.  There are also more than 1.3 million youth who are caregivers. Each one is special, unique, and has a story to share. 

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