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Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission:

To promote access to affordable, high-quality lifespan respite care services in Florida for caregivers of people of all ages and disability types. 


Our Vision:

The organization will pursue this mission by facilitating collaboration and information-sharing among respite care stakeholders, including aging and disability advocacy organizations, state health and social service agencies, individuals with disabilities and their caregivers, and provider agencies serving individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.   

Who We Are and What We Do:


We are a coalition of individuals and organizations concerned with the issue of respite care in the state of Florida.  We are a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors made up of aging and disabilities professionals, caregivers, and community leaders.  Together, we seek to identify new respite resources around the state. We advocate for improvement and advancement in all aspects of respite care. You can partner with us and join the Alliance working to improve respite care in our great state! 


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